Easily manage any todo list with this cool little program called Tasks

imageThe ideology behind Tasks is simple: It must make natural sense. There is no need to complicate anything as simple as a tasklist, it must be intuitive and behaves like the user expects it to behave.

Tasks was made using the .Net framework 2 technology, and is based on a previous application of similiar ingenuity, for the framework version 1.

The Tasks project homepage can be found at Sourceforge. The project page is where you will find the download link and project news.

More Info

“A Tasklist tool that offers a minimal interface, with maximum productivity”

The concept for this application is based on an earlier unreleased version: No external libraries or API's are used, resulting in faster execution time and better compatability with other layers such as Mono.

Lists are stored in the current working directory, which means you can have tasks for each project, and those tasks stay with the project files. Add tasks in batches from a file or clipboard, and export tasks to flatfiles if you need to import your tasks into other applications. Print out task lists to check them off the good old-fashioned way.

This is a perfect compliment for a developer who makes lists in text editors and from emails, or non-developers who wants a basic todo list manager that works.


Tasks will run on any pc that supports the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0


If you want to see what Tasks looks like, check out these screenshots.

You can download the latest version of Tasks by going to the Tasks Project Homepage

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